Gay Nights/Ladies Nights + Gay Clubs/Gender Exclusive Clubs and Lounges: Shabbily Disguised Discrimination or Safe Spaces? – Myan Melendez

Ladie's Night Club Promotion


Promotional Poster for "Boys Night Out"

Quote Taken from :Although it’s not a gay club, Shampoo does feature a gay night every Friday. Shaft Fridays are 18 to enter, 21 to drink, and run from 9pm until 2am (no cover before 11pm).


“Wrong!!! As many of you may have experienced being turned away for not looking like ‘regular’s or being ‘members’…what they mean is YOU DON’T LOOK GAY ENOUGH!!! Sounds crazy right? But unfortunately it’s very true and happening far too often!

They are justifying it by calling it a lesbian and gay majority policy but isn’t this another form of discrimination? Does this mean that all the other clubs have straight majority policies? Or that I could get turned away from Tiger Tiger for looking too much like a lesbian??!!

I understand that you don’t want a gay club filled with all straight people but I thought gay clubs were meant to be gay friendly not gay exclusive?? I’m a gay woman, I’ve been turned away at both venue’s on occasion simply because I didn’t look dykie enough that night, what do you want me to do snog a girl in front of you to prove it? lol Or maybe get a gay card I.D perhaps, it’s totally ridiculous!! I like to wear dresses and heels sometimes, other times I like my baggy jeans and a t- shirt…so what’s the problem!!!

I think their policy is dumb and ruins a lot of people’s nights out, if you get turned away and you are in fact gay you feel cheated and angry because you have been judged. Gay people spend enough of their lives being judged by other people, why should they have to deal with it on a night out as well?”

New York ruling continues debate over fairness of ladies’ night

Women-only health clubs gain popularity, draw controversy


“Gentlemen’s Clubs” of Yore:’s_club


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